November 2012

Zoidiva – STOP! (DJ Roxy Remix)

Zoidiva – STOP! (DJ Roxy Remix)

Being fascinated by John Beagley’s collaboration track with Zoidiva named “Stop!”, DJ Roxy didn’t hesitate to ask the British producer and songwriter for a remix. Getting the permission, DJ Roxy started right away, and he didn’t only put his ideas on it, but went back to his musical roots, too. The 125 BPM result is a unique mix between Pop and Trance elements, with which DJ Roxy has proven once again, that he can handle any musical genre or interpretation.

John Beagley feat. Zoidiva – STOP! (DJ Roxy Remix) is now available to be listened on Soundcloud. Make sure to check it out! Possible release plans are to be announced.

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Friday 16, November 2012
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