DJ Roxy - Sunset Colors (ASKII Remix) (Promo)

After 3 years of production and constantly reworking, DJ Roxy's Sunset Colors has been released on Mindlifting Records on May 18th. The single contains the excellent melodic Original Mix and a massive remix by ASKII. For a debut release it had a remarkable success within the first months already: With Chart positions in download shops, feedback and the likes from AWOT, Marc van Gale and El-Jay to name a few, and being featured on two compilations, the single exceeded all expectations.

Sunset Colors first came to life on the German music community Uptrax in 2009. The response was very enthusiastic already, everyone was impressed by the combination of melodic Trance and the romantic, but powerful interpretation which just let you dream from sunsets on the beach. Though, Sunset Colors was still an unofficial production with less attention but huge potential. The story wasn't over, yet!

In 2011, DJ Roxy and ASKII decided to start all over again with reworking their mixes and giving it a wider and more up to date sound for getting it finally released.

As soon as the finished single then went into Mindliftings promo in April 2012, it made an impact. ASKII's remix, with its wide atmospheric vibes and an energetic mainpart, was featured on the first compilation a week before the official release date. The support list was rapidly growing, Sunset Colors was featured on radio shows by Marc van Gale, akku, Joe Cormack, DJ Wad, El-Jay and many more.

In August, the compilation The Best Of Mindlifting was released, featuring a brand-new Chillout remix by label owner Tecnomind himself. And again, the story isn't over, yet! New remixes are already in the making and will be released together as one massive single on either Linger or Overtmind Records in 2013. Don't miss out when the Sunset Colors story is continued!