VA - Trance Emotions Vol. 4

Trance Emotions Vol. 4

Trance Emotions Vol. 4

Label: Techno Trance Essentials
Cat: W2M 647-X01

Release Date: December 16th, 2011

  • DJ Roxy - Footsteps In The Sand (Clubland Extended Cut)

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The dolphins are back! 50 new tracks on one of the most prominent German Trance compilations, and amongst names like Talla 2XLC, DJ Sakin, Adam Szabo and Marc van Gale, you also find DJ Roxy's track "Footsteps In the Sand".

Footsteps tell stories, and so does this track. Produced back in October 2010, Footsteps in the Sand is about memories of better times and the desire for things being persistent. The wide pad ambiences and stabs do their jobs so well, that you can't resist beginning to reminisce about the past. In spite of everything, this production delivers energy and drive, and once again you notice the quality of an experienced producer.