VA - The Best Of Mindlifting

The Best Of Mindlifting

The Best Of Mindlifting

Label: Mindlifting Records
Cat: MLR0050

Release Date: August 8th, 2012

  • DJ Roxy - Sunset Colors (ASKII Remix)
  • DJ Roxy - Sunset Colors (Tecnomind Chillout Remix)

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We are proud to reach our number 50, and we are excited by the great success has had this Label on the Trance scene. Despite some problems such as Beatport termination and a bad reputation unfounded by people that made bad publicity for my bad management, due to my inexperience as a Label owner. Still, many good producers have continued to trust us, and many people have continued to support and encourage. I can only say a million thanks to them, because thanks to that we are still struggling to improve ourselves and go even further. Although as we announced some time ago, Mindlifting going to stop to launch Releases (from the next, which is the final Release), Mindlifting team will continue working hard for the Trance scene with Linger Records (Uplifting Trance) and OvertMind Records (All Sub Genres of Trance), with the same illusion or more, and this is thanks to you. Thank you so much! :D
Now we want present this Compilation named "The Best Of Mindlifting". It contains two CDs, the first with 10 tracks selected as "best" or according to statistics more successful since we started in May 2011 until today. And a second CD with exclusive Remixes of some of the tracks + 2 bonus tracks, 2 Megamixes with the best of Progressive and Uplifting respectively. These two Megamixes will be available for download free at Soundcloud, also be included in the compilation :)
And we can't overlook the invaluable assistance of 2 persons: My good friend for decades, David Cuevas, known in the world of Trance for his section "It's Your Trance" on the legendary radio show "It's Your Time", the one who puts voice to the Megamixes. Also the work of a person who is a fundamental in Mindlifting team. He is Darren Clarke, who brings us the most of the Remixes here are included, and has given everything for bring to this label some great personalities of the Trance scene, a million thanks! And now enjoy the Release :)

- Mindlifting Records