ASKII - Cyprus 2009

Cyprus 2009

Cyprus 2009

Label: PB Records

Release Date: July 24th, 2010

  1. Cyprus 2009 (Original Mix)
  2. Cyprus 2009 (Progressive Mix)
  3. Cyprus 2009 (The 7th Dj Remix)
  4. Cyprus 2009 (DJ Roxy Remix)

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What do you do when you return from your summer vacation and would love to fly back immediately? Right, you produce a Trance tune!

Cyprus 2009 was inspired by ASKII's holiday on Cyprus in summer 2009. Having a great time on the island, he tried to get back emotionally and produced this massive Uplifting Trance track.
Some of you might still know this tune from the German music community, where it was #2 in the weekly charts in June ’09 and was played on the German radio “Sunshine Live”.

With the official release in July 2010 the track got 3 new mixes, amongst it the DJ Roxy remix, who gave Cyprus 2009 his own, unique touch.