Matt van Holden (DJ Roxy) is a producer, remixer and DJ of great talent whose passion since childhood days is the music. He was born as Matthias Groß on 02.02.1975 in Annaberg / Buchholz and since then he is living in Crottendorf in the Erzgebirge. At the tender age of 9, he began to develop a ferventness for music and was always where he could live his passions. Mobile discos, soundchecks, volume and rhythm were determined entirely from then on his life. In the local church youth he learned the ability to play the piano, which gave him the opportunity to introduce himself on events.
Fascinated by his abilities, he started getting school discos organized and got his first instance to be active as a DJ. At the same time he was given one Vermona ET3, a strong sounding keyboard, which opened him the option to compose own first, smaller pieces. Through his great artistic talent and his unbridled creativity, he decided to buy a Yamaha PSR s 520.

In 1997, the breakthrough came. His first open-air as headliner gave him the chance to meet producers and bands like Die Happy, Obsc(y)re, Das Ich, Welle Erdball, The Gallery and many more.
Then, for three whole years DJ Roxy worked in Staupitzbad Döbeln and gained a lot of experience to his knowledge and fascination to further expand. With this appointment, he financed more and more equipment like his Korg synthesizers 01WFD & Korg N364.

The computer gave him access to the world of electronic music. Besides he was concerned with light and sound technology and began exploring the world of electronic music. The change from genre Schlager/ Pop to Trance has given him the possibility to inspire his fans from all over the world with his soulful and multifaceted music with wide atmospheres and strong, emotional interpretations stepping out of the ordinary.

In 2009 DJ Roxy’s production “Neverending Dreams” was uploaded on the German newcomer community Uptrax and was directly on the weekly charts. As a result he was permitted to have an airplay on the largest German electronic radio station Sunshine live. At that platform he also met ASKII with whom he has intensively worked on productions such as remixes for „Speed Of Light“, „Tales & Legends“ or „Sunset Colors“ and Collaboration Projects. For more than a year it became a bit quiet around DJ Roxy while he was working on his sound and getting closer to perfection with his workstation Reason 5 and only a tiny usage of VST plugins. He stepped back onto the stage of Trance music with his debut release “Sunset Colors” on the Spanish label „Mindlifting Records“. The single got a remarkable response even weeks before the actual release and was supported by numerous DJ’s in their radio shows.

DJ Roxy definitely is on his way getting popular in the Trance scene. Several remixes, collaboration with other artists and his own, unique productions are only the beginning, and alongside with his experience he made over the years, DJ Roxy looks into a bright future as a producer.