New website launched!

Everything has to grow up, and so do websites. It has been some time coming and took a bit longer than expected, but the brand-new Official DJ Roxy Webpage is finally online. Not only the page now has a professionally designed look, but also a massive administration system running in its background, to make sure you’ll never miss anything new about DJ Roxy again!

The pages content has been completely reworked, now you find constantly fresh News, Dates and Media like videos or Soundcloud entries on the site. The Discography section has been massively enhanced, packed with all information you can expect – you’ll never need to search on your own again!

Together with the website, DJ Roxy’s profiles on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace have been updated as well, both design and content wise. So you will also find DJ Roxy’s biography up to date again, too!

In this matter – Have fun exploring all the new features. Everything has been tested with all current browsers and systems, if you encounter anything that seems not to be working though, please contact us.